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We sweat, fight, and bring awareness about human trafficking

In January 2017 our daughter disappeared. Days turned into weeks and we learned that she had become a victim of Human Trafficking. More than a month later, with the help of an amazing network of friends, family and a non-profit organization, she was rescued and reunited with our family. It was an experience that no one, no family, should have to go through.

Every human deserves to be free.

We live in a society that prizes individual freedom, and it was shocking to realize that our children and adults are still being sold for sex. Every human deserves to be free in their life, to make their own choices.

Our family and The MAX are hosting our  third annual 24-Hour rowing fundraiser and community education conference . The goal is to provide education, awareness, prevention and raise funds to aid in the FIGHT against Human Trafficking.

This year we are raising funds for the  Slave Free Project by  SERT Ministries . They are dedicated to rescuing those who are missing and/or victims of human trafficking. They were instrumental in bringing our daughter home and have helped countless others. An average rescue costs around $4000.00, of which they ask no money from the family.

We are also starting a pilot program this year, in hopes that we can help several small organizations across the country in the FIGHT against Human Trafficking, both in rescues and recovery.

Join us  April 26-27t  h , 2019 in our fight against human trafficking and help  #savethenextgirl (boy) .

Thank you for your support.
In hope,
The Ellis Family &
The MAX - Maxed Out Performance

The following pages are our ‘Call-to-Action’ and contain a breakdown of the pilot program. Everything that is donated is tax deductible.



A 24 Hour Rowing Fundraiser To Bring Awareness To Human Trafficking



During this 24 hour period, The MAX will have rowers rowing every hour. There will never be a time that a rowing machine is not in use. We take pictures and post to social media about what we’re doing and why it matters.

How do we raise funds?

We ask for sponsors for our rowers. Our goal is $100 per rower, per hour of rowing. This year we have separated times into 4 different heats:

MAX - 1 hour
MAXED - 2 hours
MAXED OUT - 3 hours MAXATHON - 42,300 meters (4 hour time cap)

Are you interested in taking part, but don’t live in Utah?

No problem! We are hoping to recruit more than 300 rowers across the country and throughout the world. Get in touch with us, pick a heat during the 24 hour period, then find a rowing machine and sweat for the cause. Post a pic or video and talk about why you are rowing.

Pilot Program

Our goal is to bring awareness and help to every place we can. We are asking our teams across the country to give half the funds raised to #savethenextgirl (boy) and the other half to a local non-profit organization of their choice that helps in the fight against human sex trafficking.

For instance...
Our Nebraska team has picked the organization  Rejuvenating Women.  They focus on helping women and girls recover and regain FREEDOM. Because of our situation, the recovery and healing process is near and dear to our hearts.

We are excited to help SERT, Rejuvenating Women, and the other organizations selected by our teams. We are in this together and our goal is the same: TO FIGHT AGAINST HUMAN TRAFFICKING! To rescue and to help survivors know their worth, and have a life full of hope, love, and success.