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A Movement & Fundraiser To Bring Awareness About Human Sex Trafficking

Upcoming Events:
UTAH: Friday & Saturday March 24-25th, 2023

NEBRASKA: Thursday & Saturday April 13th-15th, 2023



In January 2017, our daughter disappeared. Days turned into weeks and we learned that she had become a victim of Human Trafficking. More than a month later, with the help of an amazing network of friends, family and a non-profit organization, she was rescued and reunited with our family. It was an experience that no one, no family, should have to go through.

The problems that are involved in human trafficking are very complex and include self-esteem, sexual issues, addiction, fear, hatred and trying to regain reputations, which in our case were very damaged by misinformation reported by the media.   

Like many people that experience trauma, we have a burning passion inside of us to share and help bring awareness about what we experienced. Talking about human sex trafficking is still very taboo. The truth is that it is a growing problem that has reached every corner of our nation. There is much work to be done. 

We have created a movement that is called #savethenextgirl (boy). This will be our 5th year and it continues to triple in the number of people that get involved every year. WE WANT YOU!! WE NEED YOU!

Every human deserves to be free. We live in a society that prizes individual freedom, and it was shocking to realize that our children and adults are still being sold for sex. Every human deserves the right to be free to make their own choices.

Join us Friday, March 24rd 2023 7PM-9PM in our fight against human trafficking and help us #savethenextgirl (boy).

Thank you for your support.
In hope,
The Ellis Family

The #savethenextgirl (boy) team


The following pages are our ‘Call-to-Action’ and contain a breakdown of our movement and how it works. Everything that is donated is tax-deductible.


This is a 24-hr rowing(row machine) event. The MAX has rowers rowing for the entire 24 hr period. There is never a moment that a row machine is not going. Gyms across the country and individual people choose a block of time within that 24hrs. Find a row machine and sweat for the cause. We live stream and include as many people and gyms as we can. It is amazing to see the country come together to fight and bring awareness about human trafficking.


How do we raise funds?

We ask for sponsors for our rowers. Our goal is $100 per rower, per hour of rowing.


Where do the donations & funds go? 

The funds go to two places.

1-The Slave-Free Project by SERT Ministries. They helped our family rescue our daughter. They ask for nothing from the families that they help, and every cent that they spend on rescuing victims is from donations. An average rescue costs about $4000. 

2-Our Nebraska team has picked the organization  Rejuvenating Women.  They focus on helping women and girls recover and regain FREEDOM. Because of our situation, the recovery and healing process is near and dear to our hearts.

We are excited to help SERT, Rejuvenating Women, and the other organizations selected by our teams. We are in this together and our goal is the same: TO FIGHT AGAINST HUMAN TRAFFICKING! To rescue and to help survivors know their worth, and have a life full of hope, love, and success.

Call To Action

There are three things that you can do to help.

1-Become a rower, or get your gym involved in the event.

2-Donate. These funds are saving victims and their families. 

3-Spread the word. Help us by sharing about the event on every social media platform. If you are a social media influencer, we would love to have you involved.


We are excited to help organizations that fight against human trafficking as well as those that help the victims recover. 

We are in this together and our goal is the same;  to rescue and return survivors to a life full of hope, love, and success.

Are you interested in taking part, but don’t live in Utah?

No problem! We are hoping to recruit more than 2000 rowers across the country and throughout the world. Get in touch with us, pick a heat during the 24 hour period, then find a rowing machine and sweat for the cause. Post a pic or video and talk about why you are rowing.

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